Amazing General Knowledge Facts

Why are there no straight bananas?

The popular fruit grows upside down and leans towards the sun as it grows, hence the curvature. Man has been eating bananas for thousands of years, as depictions in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics can attest. No wonder: The banana is an all-rounder! Its high potassium content is not only healthy for our heart, but its fibers can be used to make ropes and even tea bags. Why not test your general knowledge know-how by playing our game?

Cows sink in lakes like stones

This is not because cows can’t swim. Rather, the mammal lacks an anal sphincter. This means that it would mercilessly fill up with water and sink to the bottom of a lake. And have you ever heard of the color "Indian yellow"? It is obtained from the urine of dairy cows! Although cows are considered sacred in India, the color pigment is not produced in a very sensitive way. The animals are purposely dehydrated and then fed only mango tree leaves.

Charles Darwin had a heart for pirates

Did you know that pirates wore gold earrings because they thought the jewelry would improve their eyesight? Not all pirates, however, were superstitious and pursued their brutal desires. A good example of this is the pirate Lionel Wafer. He was an accomplished surgeon and anthropologist and wrote important records about the Caribbean Cuna Indians. The privateer William Dampier also rendered outstanding services: he documented the animal world on the Galapagos Islands, which Charles Darwin later praised.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend!

On Earth, diamonds are an expensive hobby. The situation is a bit different in space. On gas planets like Neptune and Uranus, it rains diamonds! The pressure that exists about 10,000 kilometers below the surface of these planets leads to a separation of the hydrocarbon and thus to the formation of real diamonds. Diamonds can also be produced on our planet by means of enormous pressure. In so-called diamond burials, the ashes of a deceased person are artificially converted into a diamond. A timeless memory.

Animals are better liars than humans

According to studies, people lie several times a day - why should it be any different in the animal world? Animal "lies" are not pronounced, but they are quite efficient. Some butterflies, such as the peacock butterfly, irritate their prey with dark, pseudo-eyes on their wings. The females of certain species of fireflies are particularly brazen. They imitate the blinking of other firefly species, attracting males to … eat!

Tango is a popular sport in Finland

Between saunas, dark winters and lots of snow, tango is probably one of the most famous Finnish clichés. In fact, there is the so-called "Finnish Tango", where songs are sung in Finnish and Swedish. Originally, however, the dance originated from the poor quarters of Argentina’s capital city. European and African immigrants in the city added an explosive flair to the dance!

The most expensive cheese in the world does not come from France

Sweden is not only known for Ikea, hot dogs and its cinnamon rolls, but also for the most expensive cheese in the world. The decadent bread topping is made in a farm in Bjurholm, Norrland, and consists of elk cow's milk. It is anything but cheap. If you don't have enough money for it, you can try another Swedish delicacy: Surströmming. This is fermented herring in a can, which should not be eaten indoors.