Party games for all ages

Entertaining party games can keep your guests occupied and amused for hours. While they are popular at kids’ parties, there are plenty of boardgames, card games and multi-player games that cater to adults too. When choosing party games, the trick is to not exclude anyone and to make sure that everyone is having a great time. There are several ways you can do that!

You might like to choose games that require and support a relatively large number of players (depending on how many guests you have) or more traditional games that cater to four and six players. Board games or card games are ideal for small parties because you don’t need extra equipment except what’s in the game box. Whereas games like Yahtzee, Charades or Fictionary require some additional gear like pens, paper, tally charts and so on.

There are also role-playing games like Werewolf, also known as Mafia, which requires each player to take on a character. The game causes a conflict between two groups which operate both night and day, either committing crimes or eliminating suspects. We’ll show you some games you can select for your next house party to make it a memorable experience for your guests.

House Party Games

Team-based party games

Games in which you have to divide players into groups of two, three or roughly equal teams tend to allow for a larger number of players. Games like Charades fall into this group. You may have heard of Charades, in which one player has to mime a hint while the player’s partner, or other teammates, has to guess what the hint is. Pictionary is also another popular game in which a player chooses a card from the Pictionary deck and begins to draw it. The teammates have to guess the word that the drawing is supposed to represent.

House Party Games

Word games

Games like Fictionary require players to invent definitions of obscure words and trick their opponents. The game is based on dictionary definitions, but the point is not only to invent definitions but to make your opponents believe that they are correct! Players not only get a chance to vote on which is the correct definition but also to guess the fake definition invented by other players. The more humorous your definitions are, the better! This game forces you to be imaginative with your words and tests players’ knowledge of strange words.

House Party Games

Games for small parties

If you’ve ever played Monopoly, you know that it takes a while to complete. Players can play for hours while bankrupt players are eliminated from the game. This game is ideal for two to three players who might be stuck at home for whatever reason! Try our quick and fun version of Winopoly here and see how many properties you can acquire.

House Party Games

Another game that has been around since World War I is Battleship. It is a strategy game that only requires two players. The aim is to sink your opponent’s ships and take charge of the seas with your own fleet! Give our version of Battleship a go now!

House Party Games

Scabble is an all-time party favorite and can be played with two to four players who score points by placing their letter-tiles on the board. The aim is to build as many high-scoring words as possible, the longer the better! You’ve got to know a lot of obscure words for that one! Can you Scrabble-It?

House Party Games

Party games for kids

If your kids have been spending too much time on their tablets or playing video games, there are some fun party game alternatives to get your kids out and about. Apart from the popular ones like Duck Duck Goose which can be played by a large group, other favorites include:

  • Forty Forty – combines elements of Hide and Seek, but the player who is ‘it’ has to capture other players by calling out their name as they try and get to ‘base’.
  • Musical Chairs – this one requires players to find empty chairs to sit on when the music stops! There might be some pushing and shoving with this one, so make sure there is enough space in your home or garden to play it.
  • Pin the tail on the donkey – this game is a popular one to play at birthday parties. Each child is blindfolded and handed a ‘tail’ and they have to pin it on the donkey on the wall after being spun around and disorientated.
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