Pokémon Spot the Difference

How well do you know your Pokémon? Because we’re about to roll out some of the more unusual creations that the Pokémon series has revealed to us and you’re going to have to uncover their differences. You’ll be presented with four images of one Pokémon in a grid and it’ll be up to you to discern which one is the odd mon out. You’ll have to get pretty close to your phone/tablet/screen/helicopter(?) to see them, so prepare those eyeballs and ready that Poké-brain of yours. How many do you think you’ll get right? Let’s find out!

The Pokémon Xatu is known for remaining completely still and silent, and the reason behind this can be uncovered in its Pokédex description. And, naturally, it’s quite disturbing. Apparently, the little guy can see both the past and the future at the same time. Meaning that a Xatu can see all of the horrifying things that have happened in the world and those things that will one day. The fact that the Pokémon is powerless in changing both of these has resulted in its stoicism. Wow.

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