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Calling someone a ‘fruit’ isn’t always polite. But in which country are the people referred to as ‘Kiwis’ (and they’re pretty fine with it)?

Interesting fact:

Some countries call each other names that to some might be terms of endearment, but to others might be offensive. The Australian’s referring to the English as ‘poms’ is a good example of this. You’ll often hear an Aussie call a Brit a pom, pommie or pom, usually in good humor. When the Australian Advertising Standards Board received complaints regarding the use of the term in TV ads, they investigated and ruled the term pom is not offensive. It’s origins are debated, but the best-documented theory relates it to the fruit ‘pomegranate’, it being a rhyming-slang for the word ‘immigrant’ and also the color the English turned when they spent too long beneath the Australian sun!

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